Kern County Cancer Run 2019
First Last Sbup Company Team Name
Megan Leone   Frontier High School
Tiffney Lett CBCC Hope Live Here
Regina Lewis CBCC Hope Live Here
Ernesto Lopez   It's Not About Me
Elias Lopez   It's Not About Me
Stephanie Lynch   Links for Life
Ed Lynch   Links for Life
Eutimia Madrid   Individual
Gurinder Malhi   Individual
Sachleen Malhi   Individual
Ekam Malhi   Individual
Mason Mallard   It's Not About Me
Juana C. Manzo CBCC Hope Live Here
Adrianna Marquez   Hope Live Here
Monica Martin   El Chano
Jason Martin   El Chano
Christian Martinez   Hope Live Here
Thomas Maxwell   Survivors
Zachary Mayo   Frontier High School
Brayden McCauley   It's Not About Me
Toni McClain Dignity Health Bakersfield Memorial Hospital Dignity Dashers
Patty McDowell   Survivors
Bill Melby Ordiz-Melby Architects Team OMA
Ernestina Melgoza CBCC Hope Live Here
Gabriela Merino   It's Not About Me
Roxana Merrill   Team Merrill
Jamie Merrill   Team Merrill
Dali Metzker   BHK
Cindy Miranda   Survivors
Patricia Miranda   Individual
Stephanie Molina CBCC Hope Live Here
Tucker Monaco   It's Not About Me
Trystan Monaco   It's Not About Me
Talen Monaco   It's Not About Me
Javier Moneton   Survivors
Kennedy Monroe   Hope Live Here
Joseph Montanez   Survivors
Valeria Montes   Holy Walkamolies
rafael montes   Pirate of the Cure-ibbean
mia montes    
joel montes    
Marissa Mooney   Frontier High School
Ray Mooney   Frontier High School
Madison Mooney   Frontier High School
Braden Mooney   Frontier High School
Hilda Morales   Chavo Rucos
Concepcion Morales   Chavo Rucos
Wendy Morales   Chavo Rucos
Israel Cruz Morales   Survivors
Mario Moreno Ordiz-Melby Architects Team OMA
Alicia Morris   Individual
Ines Mota   Survivors
Abby Neira   Team Merrill
Nicole Nelson Frontier High School It's Not About Me
Kelli Neuman Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy
Denise Newton   El Chano
Madison Newton Frontier High School It's Not About Me
Natalie Newton   It's Not About Me
Donna Nickell CBCC Hope Live Here
Heath Niemeyer CSUB CSUB UA
Joann Nunn   Links for Life
Dyamond Ocasio   Survivors
John Ocasio   Individual
Sonia Ochoa First American Title The Soaring Eagles
Davis Olson   Dignity Dashers
Amy Olson Dignity Health Dignity Dashers
Addison Olson   Dignity Dashers
Danny Ordiz Ordiz Melby Architects Team OMA
Nalani Ordiz Ordiz-Melby Architects, Inc. Team OMA
Mary Orozco   Individual
Lupe: Orozzco   Individual
Joseph Ortega   Survivors
Patricia Ortiz Chain Cohn Stiles Chain Cohn Stiles
Caleb Palacios   It's Not About Me
Graciela Palencia Chain Cohn Stiles Chain Cohn Stiles
Jiselle Pantoja CSUB CSUB UA
Dee Pat   Hope Live Here
Ushma Patel   Hope Live Here
Git Patel   Hope Live Here
Deep Paul Urner, Lemos & Paul financial consulting group Paul
Sherry Peart CBCC Hope Live Here
Patricia Perez CBCC Hope Live Here
Katrina Perry   BHK
Kelly Phillips   El Chano
Lorrie Pierson   Individual
Kyler Pitts   It's Not About Me
Michael Polyniak   Survivors
Karen Polyniak   Survivors
Sheila Ponce   The Soaring Eagles
Randi Powell   Team Cavazos
Lucia Prieto   Survivors
Jannet Quintana    
Joanna Raffta CBCC Hope Live Here
Christina Ramirez   Chocolate Von
tiffany ramirez dignity health Dignity Dashers
Ryan Justin Raynes   Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy
Joey Regalado   Survivors
Evelyn Reyes CBCC Hope Live Here
unknown PROD-3C6D